Friday, July 11, 2008


Is the most popular family's chess game native to Japan. Derived from the game Chaturanga played in India, the same game wich occidental chees was born.

There are several theories about when Shogi spread to Japan. I agree with the theory wich Shogi was brought to Japan after the start of the Heian period, it is because when I play a Shogi game, my feeling is that I'm an emperor who gives orders to my soilders.

Shogi is played with 20 pieces for each one, in a 9x9 board. It has similar rules like all chess family, but Shogi is special in many things. Each piece has a particularly movement that I compare with the Samurai atacks and diferents classes.

Shogi's pieces are writed in Japanese Kanji, and regularly made of wood, but in this case, there are paper pieces in artisan art of Origami made by hands, following the tradition with the five corners in each piece, wich unlike the opponent's pieces, because all of them have the same color (I used an own paper compose of coffe wich makes the light brown color, and I put a coin into each one to make weight). The tip show the direction way beetwen pieces of each players.

Designer: Juan Francisco

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


como se hacen esas piezas!!! ke cosa mas monasssss

September 09, 2009  
Blogger Kleffa said...

sabes, yo soy un Origamista de Chile, y ademas juego shogi, no creo que sean dificiles, podrias tratar de enseñar a armalas? pero me pregunto si tomas en cuenta el tamaño de las piezas, ya que entre si estas tienen diferentes tamaños, por ejemplo el rey es la pieza mas grande, de ahi hasta las mas pequeñas los peones...
bueno eso...
realmente me gustaria aprenderlos, no se ven dificiles, muy lindo el blog

March 14, 2010  
Blogger lachywilliams said...

Hello. I would like to make this Shogi set. Could you please make instructions for me to follow? If you teach me to make 1 piece I can make the rest! Arigatou

October 21, 2013  

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